How it works

Singapore mail storage

Save or forward your mail

Pick up your mail in person or have it forwarded to a new address. Pongo Post is the most convenient and secure way to receive postal mail.

What we accept:

Fed Ex, DHL, UPS, USPS, most international couriers. up to 20 kilos.

Pick it up in Person

Pongo Post will sign for and securely store your letters, documents and small packages for up to 90 days. Pongo Post offices are centrally located in Singapore's Business District, making it easy to pick up your mail.

Opening hours 9:15-6:15, don't need to make an appointment, bring identification, have another person pick it up for you

Where are they store

Secured in a central mail room at the mailing address. Unique filing location, restricted access to mail room staff. locked, theft proof,

Forward original documents

Pongo Post lets you forward your mail to any local or international address with just one click. Just log on to your secure Pongo Post account and determine where you want to ship each item. In the system, save the address.
Forwarding done on Fridays. Regular local mail.

Restrictions - list a few here and link to another web page with extensive details.

Singapore Law we are not legally allowed to accept.
Bulk packages - 20 kilos
1 meter, length breadth or height
perishable, flamable,

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