How it works

Registered Singapore Address

Pong Post gives you a permanent Singapore address to receive postal mail. Whether you need to establish a local business address for your new company or want a reliable mail services while you travel, Pongo Post makes it easy for you to access your postal mail from anywhere. - Add content about CBD and accessibility,

Business Address

Singapore law requires all local companies to have a registered Singapore address. Pongo Post can act as the official corporate and operating address for your company, providing one permanent address for all business communications. Use your Singapore address for government registration or on business cards, company letterhead or to register a website.

Personal Address

With Pongo Post you have one Singapore address where you can receive mail and packages everyday - even when you're traveling. Choose to forward your mail to any local or international address and get all packages delivered right to your door, no matter how many times you move.

Pongo Post accepts mail and signs for packages everyday, Monday- Friday 9:15- 6:15, so you never miss a delivery and you always know what's arrived.

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