How it works

Recycle mail or shred it for good

Your mail, your choice

Everything is shredded and sent for recycling.
Safely shred sensitive documents or recycle junk mail. Pongo Post maintains a full electronic history of your mail, including scanned copies of important documents, so you can safely dispose of the original.

How long before we shred hard copies:

Stored for 90 days. Soft copies are held permanently. Store for 3-6 months after the account closes, dispose of electronic records 6 months after the account is closed.

When ou decide to shred it, you have 7 days to change your mind.

Details about the shredding:

Confidential document shredding and recycling.

Always have a complete History

Log in to your Pongo Post account to see all of your mail and access a full history of scanned documents. Pongo Post saves and organizes all of your mail, making it easy to retrieve old statements - even if you've shredded the original.

Electroinc copies can be prints, fully searchable. Download, print your mail.

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