How it works

Singapore Virtual Mailbox

All your mail in one place

Now you can access all your postal mail from one place. Your Pongo Post online account organizes and displays all mail in one centralized account so you get the full picture. Login to see what was sent, when it arrived and access a copy of your scanned mail from anywhere.

Choose your

Decide what you want to do with your mail. With just one click you can see scanned documents, choose to forward your mail to a new address, or trash it for ever. Pongo Post gives you simple options and tracks every decision.

View Complete History

Pongo Post organizes your mail by date and shows you what's arrived on one easy to understand chart. You can always view the front and back of every envelop and see if your mail has been forwarded, scanned or trashed. Pongo Post records every action, so there is no question about what you've received and where it is today.

summary of all your mail
scroll over images
based on image, one click decision making
within 24 hours we alert you that your scanned copy is available
Login into system
see searchable PDF
organized by date, newest content on top
chose not to open it, still maintain permanent hard copy of scanned envelop
download or print your mail
fully searchable pdf
keyword search through all opened mail

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