How it works

Automatic Email Alerts

Stay updated from anywhere

Pongo Post ensures that you never miss a tax document or official bank statement by notifying you of every delivery - including letters, documents and packages. Automatic email alerts let you know that something has arrived, when it arrived and you can log into the system to see more details. And you never need to log in to your Pongo Post account to see that you have new mail

Online system allows you to view a scanned .jpeg copy of the front and back of each envelope, so it's easy to see what's been delivered.

Easy decision making

IN the system can access a full-color scanned copy of the front and back of each envelope, so you can tell the difference between junk mail and important statements. Decide to open the envelope and scan contents, forward the mail to a new address, or trash it forever.

See a complete history

Each delivery is tracked in your Pongo Post online account, so you always have a record of what was sent and when it arrived. A copy of each scanned envelope is always available - even if you chose to trash the mail for good.

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