How it works

Access Scanned Mail Anywhere

Access scanned mail, anywhere

Pongo automatically updates you about new mail and let's you choose what you want to open. Access a scanned copy of important mail - tax statements, official notices or original business documents - from one central account. With Pongo Post's high resolution scanning you can quickly read through each piece of mail or zoom in to see the details. 

Easy Decision Making

Email alerts include a full color scanned .pdf copy of the front and back of each envelope, so it's easy to see what's been delivered. INCORRECT

With just one click you can choose to open and access your mail online. Pongo Post will scan the full contents of the delivery and alert you as soon as they’re ready.
OCR the PDF, so it's a searchable document, you can read, or download a copy to your system. Fully searchable within the pongo post system. Print a copy or save it on your own computer.
Within 24 hours.

Complete history online

Log in to your Pongo Post account to see all of your mail and access a full history of scanned documents. Pongo Post permanent saves and organizes all of your mail, making it easy to retrieve old documents and statements.

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