How it works

How it works

Pongo Post is the easiest way to recieve mail in Singapore and securely access it from anywhere, online. Whether you need a registered address for official business communications or just want to stay updated while you travel, Pongo Post's remote mail services help you track what you receive and manage your response.

Your Singapore Registered Address

Receive all personal, business or certified mail at one local address and know that it's arrived. Pongo Post will sign for and safely store your letters, documents and small packages for up to 90 days. It's the most convenient and secure way to receive postal mail and keep it safe while you're away.

Always know what was sent and who sent it

Pongo Post sends automatic email alerts about each new delivery. Email notifications always include the front and back of each unopened envelope, so you can tell the difference between junk mail and important statements.

Manage your response

Choose what mail you want to open and what you want to trash for good. With Pongo Post you can have it scanned important documents and access them online, forward original copies to a new address or pick them up in person, or simply shred your junk mail.

View all your postal mail in one place

See all your bills, official statements and important deliveries from one centralized account. Pongo Post keeps track of your correspondence history so you can get the entire picture and can track what's been sent.

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